Growing Liberia’s Children Responds to Deadly Ebola Outbreak

In 2014, Growing Liberia’s Children was looking forward to the new school year, but no child  in Liberia would return to school in 2014, because Ebola had struck their country, claiming thousands of lives, and in an effort to control the spread of Ebola, the Liberian government had closed all schools.  These measures significantly worsened Liberia’s already fragile economy and exacerbated unemployment, which was over 80%.  Out of work because of the government-imposed shut downs, many  St. Paul’s families and staff found it difficult just to put food on the table.   GLC initiated an Ebola Relief Campaign through fundraisers and was able to provide two distributions of rice and palm oil to over one hundred families of St. Paul’s school and church, and stipends for St. Paul’s staff while school was closed.

Members of the St. Paul’s community shared their gratitude for this assistance. “We sincerely thank and appreciate GLC and our good friends in the United States for the grant approvals related to the Ebola crisis, which struck a deadly blow to the already drowning Liberian economy,” stated J. Sando Momolu, Chairman of the Aiding Liberia’s Children Board of Directors, which oversees St. Paul’s school. One recipient of food stuffs wept as she received a hundred-pound bag of rice, exclaiming that it was as if the heavens had open up to pour down these blessings on her family.