Growing Liberia’s Children (GLC) is a faith based nonprofit, grass-roots organization dedicated to making a difference for the new generation of Liberia’s children. GLC builds and restores schools largely destroyed by war and poverty, supports teachers, and coordinates sister-school sponsorship programs and student scholarships so that Liberia’s children can grow and thrive. Please help us change the future of Liberia’s children!

Our Founder
Growing Liberia’s Children was founded in 2008 by Malia E. Harris, a Liberian educator, minister and refugee, and a group of like-minded individuals who want to help the children of Liberia obtain an education. Mrs. Harris fled the civil war in Liberia in 2000 after her family had been detained and tortured.

Following the return of peace to Liberia, Mrs. Harris inspired members of the First Presbyterian Church in San Diego, California to refurbish a school in Gardnersville, Liberia, which had been bombed several times during the civil war and had fallen into disrepair.

Returning to Liberia in 2007 with a forty-foot container full of donated books, furnishings and school supplies, Mrs. Harris and a team of three dedicated San Diegans rebuilt and furnished the school, provided a generator for electricity, and fixed the community’s well. Malia’s team had enough furnishings and supplies to help three other nearby schools.

Guided by our mission statement and carried out through current initiatives, the vision of Growing Liberia’s Children is to facilitate a shared process of educational and economic development with a focus on long-term project sustainability, investment, and ultimate ownership by the people of Liberia.

Current Initiatives:

  • Monthly contribution to faculty salary
  • Sponsoring of student tuition
  • Providing for continuing education and professional development for teachers
  • Provision of material assets such as books, computers, furnishings, etc.
  • Continuing renovation to the school facility
  • Continued fundraising and grant seeking

The mission of GLC is to raise awareness and resources to provide educational opportunities for the children and youth of Liberia.